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I'm Ty Givens and I help Customer Support operate efficiently.

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I'm currently founder and CEO of CX Collective. For years I was hired to “mature” CX teams once a certain level of success was achieved. Creating unique and effective experiences is my passion, but I wanted to take a proactive approach to CX success.


I took my talents on the road in 2016 and built a company with the capacity to serve multiple clients simultaneously. I now work with both startups and scaling businesses to develop strategies that solve problems, streamline processes and create memorable experiences for the consumer. 

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CX Collective provides cutting-edge tech and know-how to help businesses deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

CX Collective is here to support your Support Teams. When I was building and scaling CX teams, I wished I had a reliable team to turn to for assistance — experts with proven know-how that I could trust. I didn't want cookie-cutter solutions; I wanted tailored services that would help me achieve my goals. That's when I realized such a team didn't exist, so I created it.

We began as The Workforce Pro in 2016 and rebranded as CX Collective in 2022. To date, we have assisted over 50 companies in building and scaling their CX teams, by creating or refining processes, implementing technology, and training front-line teams to adapt to change.

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